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Top 11 FREE WordPress Seo Plugins 2013 for your blog

April 3, 2013

The Most Popular Free WordPress SEO Plugins

This is a list of some of the best FREE WordPress plugins to help your blogs visiblity. Gotta love WordPress and the WP community.

Please note that these plugins just take care of the technical part to make your blog more Google friendly but without proper SEO your blog will still be lost in.

SEO Yoast. This is a free WordPress plugin that does wonders for on-site optimization. The plugin is very easy to use, free, and helps teach you about SEO and what you need to improve upon in order to optimize the article. It also makes it easy to write Meta titles and descriptions as well as see a preview of your rich snippets.
All In One SEO Pack. This WordPress plugin is also free and works well for those who don’t have much of an understanding of SEO. It’s not as fancy as Yoast, but it still offers the option to add custom HTML to the head tag as well as working with Google Analytics to provide you the best on-site optimization.
SEO Smartlinks. This plugin gives users ideas about what they should link and where they should put that link, so it’s “smart.” It automatically links keywords and phrases in the post with other tags found on the website. However, you don’t want your site to be too optimized, so just use this as a guide.

The Hidden Gems WordPress Plugins

Disqus Comment System. This is a free WordPress plugin that seems to do anything and everything related to commenting. It helps your blog offer threaded comments, indexes all comments, and allows readers and commenters to sign up for a subscription to certain discussions or upload to an RSS feed.
Sharexy. This isn’t a completely necessary plugin, but if you’re into art, you might like these choices. This allows you to choose different sized and shaped buttons for your social networks.
Yet Another Related Posts (by Yoast). Recommending related posts at the bottom of all of your articles is a great way to keep people on your site. This plugin makes it easier than having to constantly go through and update articles that seem relevant to another. It uses an algorithm to find related posts for you and allows you to control how it looks.

Great WordPress Plugins for Those Who Only Want the Basics

Google Site Verification Plugin. It’s important for companies to remember that verifying your site with Google is a part of SEO (a very important one). This plugin makes it easy.
Broken Link Checker. This is yet another plugin that isn’t about total search optimization, but just focuses on one specific point. This plugin will find any broken links for you so that you can easily update them and avoid any backlast from Google.
SEO Friendly Images. Many bloggers get confused when it comes to optimizing photos, so this plugin makes it easy. Once installed, it automatically updates your images with an ALT and TITLE tag. This helps search engine bots understand what the image entails.

The More Advanced

SEO Rank Reporter. This plugin is all about the competition. You can track your rankings for specific keywords, compare your results with your competition, and even set up alerts so that you when something (whatever you choose) changes in your data. All results can be shown as a graph or exported to CSV.
WP No Category Base. This is a good way to clean up your URL structure. It improves the permalinks of your blog post so that Google doesn’t get you in trouble.

Original Author: Amanda DiSilvestro

Edited By Remko Marica


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Author: Remko Marica
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